Levels Programmes Integrated into Cherie Hearts @ Charlton Curriculum
All levels

The Cherie Hearts SPIRAL Literacies Curriculum

It is inspired by the New London Group academic theory of "Pedagogy of Multi-literacies" which expands the focus of literacy beyond reading and writing such that children are more holistically developed- socially, emotionally, creatively, financially, computationally, cognizantly and discerningly. 

Multi-literacy elements are weaved into the core curriculum which is delivered through a thematic approach, planned in progression over the various age levels from Playgroup to Kindergarten 2. On top of this, designated time slots are dedicated to the delivery of the five multi-literacies (Civic and Social Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Critical Literacy, Financial Literacy and Digital Literacy) to address it in a more targeted manner.  

Learning centres are specially designed with activities, materials and games to help support the planned lessons, reinforce concepts by revisiting, and promotes self-directed, independent and cooperative play and learning.  

Messy Day

Messy Day is an exclusive programme to allow children to explore with messy play materials such as sand, water, clay, paint and glue. It provide children with enormous opportunities to use their imagination, creative thinking and problem solving skills. Messy play experiences are great for children to experiment and learn fine motor skills of pouring, measuring, sifting, moulding, painting, spraying, sticking, squeezing, brushing, squirting and mixing. It also promotes social interaction among children as they engage in water play and creative art.  

Outdoor Learning at Surin Park 

Children will learn to appreciate nature and explore the natural environment during the monthly outdoor learning at Surin Park. 

FUN Start, MOVE Smart

It is a groundbreaking motor-skills development programme developed by the Singapore Sports Council that we adopt to instill in children life-long "physical literacy". Children will have 1 hour of outdoor play daily which consist of free play and purposeful play.  

Preschool Health Programme

This programme is adopted from Health Promotion Board to teach children on developing healthy lifestyle through the activities and storybooks.


Children will be engaged to learn phonics through the songs, games, storybooks and activity sheets adapted from the Letterland phonics programme.  

Chinese and English Literacy Programme

Children will be introduced to the different genres of books such as fiction and non-fiction books to enhance their literacy in English and Chinese Language.

PG and Pre-N

The Jump Start Years: 18 months - 4 years 

Using a variety of enjoyable experiences, the Jump Start Years Curiculum introduces children to stimulating development in the following domains: 

•Aesthetic & Affective : Children learn how to express their creativity and communicate their emotions through effective and meaningful ways. 

•Cognitive: Children develop their thinking ability. They can better recall, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create from information. 

•Fine Motor Skills: Children are familiar with hand-eye coordination of smaller muscle movements such as synchronised use of their eyes, hands and fingers simultaneously. 

•Gross Motor Skills: Children learn how to better utilise larger muscles, facilitating their ability to perform a wide range of physical body actions such as crawling, skipping, running, hopping and jumping.

•Language Acquisition: Children gain abilities to observe, understand and communicate with both educators and peers in a variety of contexts, using 50 to 300 words to produce speech that can be as much as 70% intelligible. 

N, K1 and K2

The Bridging Years: 4-7 years

The Bridging Years curriculum for our older children revolve around the introduction of complex, new and varied experiences in the following domains of Language & Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Environmental Awareness and Aesthetic & Creative Expression as well as Motor Development and Self & Social Awareness. 

The Final Graduating Year at Cherie Hearts also include getting children ready for Primary 1.  

English & Chinese Reading Programme (Internal)

Through this programme, K1 and K2 children will be guided to read on one-to-one basis. Teachers will assess children's reading regularly so as to provide customized reading intervention support. For children who have mastered the basic level, they will be challenged to read books at the intermediate and advanced stage.  

Zippy's Friend 

Zippy's Friends is an international school-based mental health promotion programme that teaches social and positive coping skills to young children aged 5 to 7 years old.

K1 and K2 children will be learning on how to cope with everyday difficulties, to identify and talk about their feelings and to explore ways of dealing with them. They are also encouraged to help other people with their problems.These activities will be done through stories, role playing, drawing, working with puppets and playing games.

Zippy's Friends is an evidence-based programme suitable for local schools as it has been conducted in Asian countries like India, Shanghai and Hong Kong with very positive response.